Treatment Procedure

Your first appointment

During our first appointment we will get to know and begin consulting with you.  Following a clinical examination, we will determine the necessity and possible courses of orthodontic treatment and discuss the options with you. We will take this time to answer your initial questions, so please do bring along any x-rays or models you may have. 

80% of all children and teens suffer from a malposition of teeth or jaw, but adults also often suffer from these. Beyond the aesthetic aspects of a healthy smile, orthodontic treatment is possible and worthwhile at any age, as the correction of teeth, jaw, and jaw joint positioning can relieve a number of related ailments and contribute to lasting dental health.

Your second appointment

During the second appointment, any necessary diagnostic documentation will be generated, including

  • Making molds for models of the jaw
  • Digital photos taken of teeth and face
  • Jaw joint examination
  • Comprehensive examination of the masticatory (chewing) system, tongue, speech, etc.

Your third appointment

During the third appointment we will review all diagnostic materials with you and present you with the treatment plan and detailed cost summary. Private patients will submit these to their insurance companies. In the case of statutory-insured patients, we submit these directly.

Dental care

Excellent oral hygiene is crucial during orthodontic treatment. Fixed braces create many little nooks into which acidic bacteria can settle and cause cavities or even gum disease. Often, standard home dental cleaning does not provide sufficient protection against aggressive bacteria, so we recommend that our patients have the smooth tooth surfaces coated with a protective sealant prior to the application of braces. More frequent professional cleanings are also recommended during orthodontic treatment. We offer the option of self-cleaning after each wire change and fluoride treatments are part of our standard care. However, these measures are only an addition to and not a substitute for dental prophylaxis, or professional cleaning in the battle against cavities. Professional cleanings are included in statutory health insurance coverage for children and teens from six to eighteen years of age. The recommended frequency of these cleanings depends on the type orthodontic treatment given and the patients’ individual predisposition for cavities. We recommend that patients also take advantage of the routine teeth cleanings offered by your regular dentist.