A healthy smile is your best calling card!

A beautiful smile not only makes a great first impression, it also represents your good health and hygiene, as well as self-confidence. An indispensable feature in an attractive appearance, your dental health is key in initiating successful personal and professional relationships.

Awareness of health and aesthetics has changed fundamentally in the past decades. Today, a healthy smile has become a meaningful personal calling card. 

Should you have missed the opportunity for orthodontic correction in your youth, or the positioning of your teeth has changed with time, don’t despair: teeth can be moved and positioning corrected until quite late in life. The only requirement is that your teeth are cavity and infection-free. 

Adults especially, but also more and more youths are choosing less conspicuous treatment methods.

Modern orthodontics offers patients a range of virtually ‘invisible’ options:

  • Invisalign®
  • Incognito®  / The ‘interior’ fixed brackets
  • Ceramic brackets!