Our Philosophy: Prevention is the best cure.

Mrs. Heike Zimmer has been part of our team since January 2014, offering dental hygiene care appointments throughout the day. Her extensive experience and expertise as well as her calm, gentle treatment style have made her very popular among our patients.

Preventative care is an integral element of dental health and a very important pillar of our practice. Crucial to the success of any treatment, individual prophylactic care for all our patients is our top priority.

Accordingly, a different prophylactic approach is taken to address the needs of each type of treatment. For instance:

Dental implants – after-care program: Patients with implants should seek prophylactic care every three months to remove the bacterial biofilm from the surface using special sprays to prevent the development of peri-implantitis, an infection of the bone around the implant.

Periodontal treatment – after-care program: Patients, who have received periodontal treatment should return for cleaning every three months to prevent bacteria from accumulating and infections from recurring.

Prophylactic Care – preventative care programWe recommend prophylactic treatment twice a year. Scientific studies show that it takes approximately 6 months for bacteria to organize in such a way that it can cause gum and tooth decay resulting in gingivitis or cavities.

Tooth-brushing School for KidsDental care is just as important for the little ones! It is recommended that children, once they are approximately six years old, receive gentle professional cleaning and careful evaluation of dental health every six months. At these sessions, we playfully teach them to brush away plaque and other good dental habits for life.